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Wood-based materials

HFB ENGINEERING GMBH, as a private, independent and officially recognised approved institute, carries out both routine monitoring and certification for wood-based materials and tests in connection with the issue of licenses and permits.

We are also in a posiiton to determine the elasto-mechanical and structural-physical parameters of wood-based materials for new product developments or quality certificates using a large variety of testing facilities.

On the basis of our accreditation as a notified testing, monitoring and certification laboratory (notified body no. 1034) for tasks in connection with CE marking and official recognition by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik Berlin (DIBt) as a testing, monitoring and certification laboratory (code SAC 05) in accordance with regional building regulations, HFB offers manufacturers of all kinds of wood-based materials a practically complete service consisting of:

  • CE certification for wood-based materials in accordance with DIN EN 13986 (certification of factory production control /attestation of conformity system "2+"), e. g. OSB in accordance with EN 300, plywood in accordance with EN 636, particleboards in accordance with EN 312, etc.
  • External monitoring and certification of wood-based materials in connection with conformity marking in accordance with regional building regulations (Ü-Kennzeichnung), for both:
  • - regulated building products of Building Regulations List A,
      Part 1 e. g. veneered plywood/BFU 100) and
  • - non-regulated building products (building products according to
      the procedure for the issue of General Building Permit Z-9.1-..., such as
      OSB boards, woodfibre boards for building and construction)

  • In view of increasing internationalisation, HFB cooperates with the TECO testing institute (Madison, Wisconsin/USA) in the monitoring of wood-based materials and timber constructions for the Japanese and US markets (PS-2, JAS, CARB)
  • Tests in connection with the procedure for the issue of General Building Permits (Z-9.1-...), the issue of individual approvals, the issue of European Technical Approvals or for the individual certification of parameters in relation to OSB, particleboards, fibreboards, plywood, for instance:
  • - mechanical tests (e. g. bending strength and modulus of elasticity
      in bending in accordance with EN 310, tensile strength, compressive
      strength and shear strength both parallel and perpendicular to the board plane in
      accordance with EN 789 and the accompanying tests for modulus
      of elasticity and modulus of rigidity, transverse tensile strength in accordance
      with EN 319 as well as the cycle test, thickness swelling in accordance with
      EN 317, embedding strength in accordance with EN 383)
  • - physical tests (e. g. thermal conductivity in accordance with EN 12667,
      dimensional change in accordance with EN 318, water vapour diffusion
      in accordance with EN 12086, creep behaviour in accordance with EN 1156)
  • - application tests (e. g. shock resistance, stability and stiffness under point
      load in accordance with EN 12871, EN 596 and EN 1195 for application in
      wall, floor and roof areas)
  • - emission tests (e. g. formaldehyde content in accordance with EN 120)

  • For manufacturers of wood-based boards in accordance with EN 13986 who lack the necessary technical facilities HFB carries out the initial type testing (ITT) necessary in order to demonstrate performance properties for the certification of factory production control. This includes the determination of characteristic strength and stiffness in accordance with EN 789 / EN 1058 and also the testing of performance properties for use as a loadbearing subfloor on sleepers, loadbearing roof boards on beams and as supporting wall planking (shock resistance, strength and stiffness under point load)
  • Expert opinions on compliance with product parameters
  • Monitoring of wood-based materials for private clients, particularly in cases when there is no legal or official obligation for external monitoring and/or certification of a building product/design (the HFB quality mark HFBplus)


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