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Mineral-bonded board materials

HFB ENGINEERING GMBH has gained its expertise in the field of mineral-bonded board materials through decades of experience with cement and gypsum-bonded building products. In particular, HFB has an established tradition in the testing of inorganically bonded products and wood particles as reinforcement components (chippings, fibres).

HFB as a privately owned, independent and officially approved testing institute, is therefore involved in routine monitoring and certification of mineral-bonded board materials and in testing for the issue of licenses and permits. We are also able to determine the elasto-mechanical and structural-physical parameters of mineral-bonded board materials for new product developments or quality certificates, using a large variety of different testing facilities.

On the basis of our accreditations as a notified testing, monitoring and certification laboratory (notified body no. 1034) for tasks in connection with CE marking and official recognition by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik Berlin (DIBt) as a testing, monitoring and certification laboratory (code SAC 05) in accordance with regional building regulations, HFB offers manufacturers of all kinds of mineral-bonded board materials a practically complete service consisting of:

  • CE certification for cement-bonded particleboard in accordance with DIN EN 13986 and EN 634-1/-2 (certification of factory production control /attestation of conformity system "2+")
  • Initial type testing in connection with the system of attestation of conformity with CE marking (attestation of conformity procedure)
  • - for gypsum plasterboards in accordance with EN 520
  • - for gypsum fibreboards for the issue of a European Technical Approval (ETA)
  • External monitoring and certification of mineral-bonded board materials for conformity marking in accordance with regional building regulations (ÜKennzeichnung), for both:
  • - regulated building products of Building Regulations List A, Part 1 e. g.
       gypsum plasterboards in accordance with DIN 18180) and
  • - non-regulated building products (building products qualifying for General
       Building Permit (ABZ) Z-9.1-..., such as cement-bonded particleboards, building
       products qualifying for General Building Permit Z-31.1, such as building
       products made of fibre cement)
  • Tests in connection with the procedure for the issue of General Building Permits, the issue of individual approvals, the issue of European Technical Approvals or the individual certification of parameters for all kinds of cement and gypsum-bonded boards, for instance:
  • - mechanical tests (bending, tensile, compressive and shear strength as well
       as the accompanying tests for modulus of elasticity and modulus of rigidity,
       thickness swelling, embedding strength and others)
  • - physical tests (thermal conductivity, dimensional changes, water vapour
       diffusion, creep behaviour)
  • - application tests (e. g. shock resistance and stability/stiffness under point
       load in accordance with EN 12871, EN 596 and EN 1195 for application in
       wall, floor and roof areas, tests in the thermal and the driving rain test
       stand, testing of coatings in the QUV tester)


Reference customers:

In the field of mineral-bonded board materials HFB can count the following companies among its customers:

  • AMROC Baustoffe GmbH, Magdeburg (D)
  • FibreCem Deutschland GmbH, Porschendorf (D)
  • ETERNIT AG, Berlin (D)
  • FALCO Spanplattenwerk AG, Szombathely (H)
  • FELS-Werke GmbH, Bad Grund (D)
  • DEUTSCHE HERAKLITH GmbH, Sperenberg (D)
  • QUADRANT Plastic Composites GmbH, Lenzburg (CH)
  • RIGIPS GmbH, Bodenwerder (D)
  • SCHWÖRERHAUS GmbH & Co. KG, Coswig/Anhalt (D)
  • TEPE BETOPAN, Ankara (TUR)
  • XELLA Trockenbau-Systeme, Seesen (D)

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