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Wood research

HFB sees itself as a testing and development institute whose services are systematically geared towards the current needs of the industry. In addition to services provided as an approved testing, monitoring and certification laboratory and a notified body for CE marking, HFB's work centres around the development of new products and techniques in the field of wood-based materials and timber constructions.

Products and processes are newly developed and advanced in response to the needs of large global players in the sector for wood-based materials and also the requirements of medium-sized companies with the focus on our corporate philosophy: "flexible and close to the customer".

HFB specialises in the new development and advancement of products and processes for the production of chip and fibre-reinforced, organically and inorganically bonded wood-based materials and the development of innovative timber constructions. The development of products and processes is particularly subsidised by the research-promotion departments of the German government and the Free State of Saxony.

HFB ENGINEERING GMBH's competence, especially in the field of inorganically bonded wood-based materials, is the result of decades of experience with building products like this. Developments with regard to cement and gypsum-bonded products with wood particles as reinforcement components (chippings, fibres) have a long tradition at our company.

HFB has extensive technical equipment to manufacture different types of board materials on a pilot scale, i. e. processing, mixing, forming and compaction equipment. This allows us to carry out particle analysis and differential-calorimetric analyses (DCA) and also extensive testing for the definition of elasto-mechanical, structural-physical or long-term product parameters.


Development directions

  • Lowering costs through techniques for saving materials during the manufacture of organically and inorganicallybonded wood-based materials
  • Development of solutions to problems involving materials chemistry on the manufacture of mineral-bonded combination materials (e. g. by means of hydration analytics, studies on long-term stability)
  • Development of resource-saving processes, for instance by recycling waste products in the production process (e. g. ash, waste wood, trimming remains, swarf)
  • Development of products and processes using renewable raw materials (e. g. wood, flax, seaweed, bamboo)
  • Development of new building materials and structural members with improved mechanical and/or structural-physical properties (thermal insulation and sound insulation)


Selected development projects

Brief information in the form of clickable PDF files:

  • Ecological insulating material based on pith pdf
  • Mineral-bonded chipboard made of hemp hurds pdf
  • Thermal insulating material based on bamboo fibres pdf
  • Fibre-cement engineering on the basis of mixed inorganic binder pdf
  • Development of an OSB board of building material group B1 pdf
  • Development of a cement-bonded chipboard A2 using new, flame-retardant admixtures pdf
  • Development of a cement-bonded OSB board pdf
  • Development of a lightweight board made of seaweed pdf
  • Lightweight board made of wood wool with improved fire-protection properties pdf
  • Development of an innovative beam system for timber-frame construction pdf
  • Use of waste wood for the production of mineral-bonded wood-based materials pdf
  • Development of intelligent solar facade modules pdf
  • Cement-bonded chipboard using straw pdf
  • Double flooring panel with optimised impact resistance pdf
  • Preassembled partition system made of honeycomb panels pdf
  • Mineral-bonded chipboard made of rice straw pdf
  • Chipboards with new native bonding agents pdf
  • Development of a quality and classification method for adhesive tapes pdf
  • Mineral-bonded board with pinus elliottii for South America pdf
  • Development of hollow blocks made of recycled materials
  • Development of a gypsum-bonded chipboard made of eucalyptus for the market in South America pdf
  • Development of a glued, stiffened facade element
  • Development of a recipe of cement bonded boards with fire resisting class A2 with regard to minimized susceptibility to cracking pdf
  • Development of a technology for manufacturing of fast-construction emergency-living quarters pdf



References and intensive customer contacts to manufacturers of building products and equipment in the sector for wood-based materials and timber construction in Germany, in many countries of Europe and in countries overseas give testimony to the success of our corporate philosophy and the competence of our staff:

  • AMROC Baustoffe, Magdeburg (D)
  • FibreCem Deutschland GmbH, Porschendorf (D)
  • BINOS Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Springe (D)
  • E.A. EUROAMERICA S.A., Caldera, (Costa Rica)
  • GAP-SOLAR GmbH, Perg (A)
  • GLUNZ AG, Nettgau / Meppen (D)
  • HERAKLITH AG, Ferndorf (A)
  • HOMATHERM GmbH & Co. KG, Berga (D)
  • KRONOPOL, Zary (Polen)
  • PURschaum und Holz GmbH, Mittweida (D)
  • RIGIPS GmbH, Bodenwerder (D)
  • SCHWÖRERHAUS, Coswig (D)
  • XELLA Trockenbau-Systeme GmbH, Duisburg (D)


Examples of patent applications

The numerous development projects we have completed have resulted in a number of patent applications by HFB Engineering GmbH. These include:

  • Process for the production of moulded pith articles
    DE 431 6561
    EU 931 201 91.7
  • Bauelemente und Faserplatten mit Fasern aus Cellulose, Papier, Holz oder Glas sowie Holzspanplatten mit einem gipshaltigen Mischbinder (Building elements and fibreboards with fibres of cellulose, paper, wood or glass and chipboards with a mixed binder containing gypsum)
    DE 100 60 212 A1
  • Verfahren zur Herstellung einer anorganisch gebundenen Platte aus geschichtet angeordneten Flachspanstreifen aus Holz (Process for the production of an inorganically bonded board consisting of wooden flake strips arranged in layers)
    DE 10 2004 022 227 A1


Cooperation partners (a selection):

  • DRACOSA GmbH, Wolfen (D)
  • FEHB GmbH, Stendal (D)
  • Holzforschung Austria, Wien (A)
  • Technische Universität Dresden, (D)
  • TECO Inc., Madison (USA)

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