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You can rely on the efficient services of our testing, monitoring and certification laboratory for building products and building elements.

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Enquire about HFB's completed and current development projects.

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Testing, monitoring and certification laboratory

HFB ENGINEERING GMBH has many accreditations as a testing, monitoring and certification laboratory. This is the most important precondition for the services we provide for a number of manufacturers of products for wooden structures in Germany and other countries.

These accreditations at the same time bear testimony to the independence and competence of our testing, monitoring and certification laboratory.



  • Notified testing, monitoring and certification laboratory for tasks in connection with the CE marking of building products in accordance with the German Building Products Act (Bauproduktengesetz) (*)

  • NOTIFIED BODY no. 1034 (CE marking)

  • Testing, monitoring and certification laboratory officially recognised by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik Berlin (DIBt) (German Institute for Civil Engineering) in accordance with regional building regulations (*)

  • Code SAC 05 (German conformity mark [Ü-Kennzeichnung])

In addition, HFB is a testing institute appointed by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik Berlin (DIBt) to carry out tests in connection with the issue of General Building Permits (ABZ) or European Technical Approvals (ETA) for building products and designs.

In our capacity as a monitoring laboratory we are also privately commissioned by quality associations, for instance in relation to wooden structures. Examples of such associations are Gütegemeinschaft Holzbau, Ausbau und Dachbau / GHAD and ZimmerMeisterHaus / ZMH).

In view of increasing internationalisation, HFB cooperates with the TECO testing institute of Madison, Wisconsin/USA in the monitoring of wood-based materials and timber constructions for the Japanese and the US market. (PS-2, JAS, CARB).


Product areas

The activities of HFB ENGINEERING GMBH, as an officially recognised testing, monitoring and certification laboratory, focus on building products made of wood, i. e. wood-based materials, solid wood products and timber constructions.

This includes organically bound particleboards, oriented strand boards (OSB), cement and gypsum bound particleboards and fibreboards, woodfibre boards as well as solid wood for loadbearing purposes, wall, ceiling and roof panels for houses in panel construction, fasteners for structural timber products and also thermal insulating products made of wood fibre or wood wool.

Another focal point of the testing services offered by HFB ENGINEERING GMBH are the product families windows/doors/facades as well as polymer-bitumen and bitumen sheeting for roofs.

* Functions and product areas in accordance with the applicable directories of Deutsches Institute für Bautechnik and in accordance with notices of accreditation.

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