Wood, wood-based panels and timber constructions

Testing, inspection and certification of all types of

Wood-based panels, such as

  • Oriented Strand Boards (OSB)
  • Particleboards
  • Fibreboards
  • Plywood
  • Cement-bonded particleboards

is one of the main activities of HFB for already more than 25 years.

HFB acts for manufacturers of these products worldwide, i.e. in Europe, in South America as well as in Asia, as a partner according to the requirements of the EU Construction Products Regulation (CE marking/ certification based on EN 13986/ AVCP systems 1 and 2+).

In addition, further timber construction products, such as

Timber constructions

(e.g. third-party Inspection of wall, ceiling and roof panels faced or planked, not glued, closed on both sides, for wooden houses, beam constructions, nail plate constructions)

Solid wood products

(e.g. structural timber/ third-party inspection of sawmills/ CE-Marking/ certification based on EN 14081-1/ AVCP system 2+) and

Glued timber construction products

(e.g. glued laminated timber/ EN 14080/ AVCP system 1)

Thermal insulation products

(e.g. conducting of type testing for thermal insulation products - wood fibre products/ EN 13171 and wood wool products/ EN 13168/ AVCP system 3)

are at the focus of HFB' s services.