Cooperation agreement concluded between BBA and HFB regarding the UKCA marking of timber construction products

If a manufacturer wishes to sell its construction products (such as wood-based panels in accordance with EN 13986) in the UK, a UKCA marking (instead of CE marking) will be required for the UK market from January 1st, 2023. Normally, this would mean that a complete separate inspection and certification procedure analogous to the CE procedure with identical content (EN 13986) would be required (inspection by a „UK Approved Body”).

To avoid the need of two separate inspections (CE and UKCA) having the same content, BBA (British Board of Agrément) and HFB have signed a cooperation agreement.

Based on that cooperation agreement, regarding UKCA certification no additional inspection visit by BBA will be required, because HFB will serve as inspection body (CE and UKCA inspection combined) while BBA will only asses HFB’s inspection reports and will issue the UKCA certificate.

This significantly simplifies and shortens the process, and also significantly saves costs.

If you require UKCA marking of wood-based panels in accordance with EN 13986 (AVCP systems 2+ or 1) and would like to benefit from this cooperation agreement, please contact us via or +49 341 5636300. We will then be happy to inform you about the necessary formal steps and costs.